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Internal vs. External. Online vs. print. Key Audiences, stakeholders and influencers. Blogging, podcasts, e-newsletters or press releases and employee magazines?

The options contained in a communicator’s toolbox are multiplying, along with the importance of knowing the right tool for the right job. Effective communication requires the seamless melding of messages and medium, across all aspects of a campaign – it requires a deep toolbox and expert craftspeople.

Not all CMG clients require media management, but many often do.

For some, public relations will play a critical role which may require nationwide media blitz with crafted strategic messaging and creative media kits, promotional materials, feature and story placements, TV and radio tours, regional media events and comprehensive outreach. For others, it might mean a more surgical approach to reaching just the right target, at just the right time, with just the right piece. And for a few, it means planning pro-actively to handle the glare of the spotlight when everything goes wrong.

CMG’s media contacts and keen insight are critical to cutting through the noise and competition for our clients. Our work dramatically increases positive exposure, influences how people think about what your organization, and highlights your products, services, accomplishments or members.

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